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\"This is non-sense and not true. Japan produces very good cars BUT they have had very rtitricesve non-tariff barriers. U.S. manufactured vehicles have had to go through rigourous individual inspections to be sold in Japan.\"You\'re confusing timelines. Toyota originally started off as Toyoda Automatic Loom a manufacturer of textile machinery - a perfect fit for what was then Japan\'s largest export, silk. They got into autos in 1933. At that time, GM and Ford were well-established as the world\'s premiere auto manufactures; they were vastly superior in both production and quality. Japan, however, decided autos and industry were more important than silk, and decided to kick out GM and Ford in 1939.Toyota continued to make lousy cars for decades. In 1949, the Japanese government even had to bail the company out. In 1958, Toyota finally managed to export its first car to the US - the Toyopet, a horrendous piece of junk.Anyway, the story continues with Japan\'s protected auto makers continuing to churn out junk (but slowly implementing Edwards Deming\'s ideas) until eventually, they get things right. Had the Japanese government listened to the free trade crowd, forcing a pint-size Toyota to compete against the US behemoths, the auto company would have been wiped off the face of the planet.Another company with a somewhat similar story is Samsung of S Korea.

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