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First 'Excellent Green-Biz' Born   


On September 8, SMBA announced that it has selected Fursys Inc. (CEO Lee Jong-Tae) as the first 'Excellent Green-Biz' in its 'SME Green Management Evaluation' since implementation of the system on June 7 this year.

After acquiring high evaluation marks from the Korean Standards Association (KSA) in the fields of strategy, system, environmental pollution and social and ethical responsibility, Fursys received a green management certificate (class A) from Seoul Regional SMBA on September 9.

'Excellent Green-Biz' is a system designed to evaluate green management activity levels in all areas of an enterprise and provides various benefits to selectees with high ratings, aiming to spread green management among SMEs.

Enterprises selected as Excellent Green-Biz will receive preferential treatment in access to financing and guarantees of policy funds, support for broadcast advertisements and manpower supply, and in public purchasing and overseas advancement projects.

Any enterprise wishing to be considered for selection as "Excellent Green-Biz' can file an application for green management evaluation through 'SME Greennet' (www.greenbiz.go.kr) of SMBA. Those enterprises that score low ratings as a result of the evaluation, can receive green management diagnosis and consulting support for development of management strategy and site improvement tasks.

A related SMBA official said, "Under circumstances that, although SMEs are well aware of the importance of green management, they are experiencing difficulties in implementation, Fursys will provide an exemplary case in practicing green management."

He added, "As green regulations are being strengthened at home and abroad, how enterprises respond to the trend will decide the survival of SMEs in the future. Through selection of 'Excellent Green-Biz' and support for green management consulting, SMBA will continue to spread green management among SMEs."


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