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Many Idea SME Products Debuting in the Market   



Recently, a lot of eco-friendly SME products with unique functions and names are debuting in the market as diverse items like the 'flow of water from an overfull reservoir.'

SME idea products are receiving attention in the fields of living & electrical home appliances, health & beauty, energy saving, etc. are introduced below:

Living & Health: Bean Cleansers, Diet Aromatics, Anion-Generating Electric Lamp

Cleansers or cosmetics made with vegetable ingredients that are extracted from rice and beans are emerging as popular products as they are showing excellent efficacies as well as functions. Neulpuren Songcheon Co. has debuted cleansers made of beans as the main material and is drawing interest.

According to the company, advantages of bean cleansers made with fatty acids extracted from beans prevent skin aging and accelerate blood circulation, while protecting the environment in addition to being non-toxic to the human body.

The company has introduced a series of products, including hand cleansers, face cleansers, kitchen cleansers and body cleansers. In fact, sulphates, phosphates, etc. contained in synthetic detergents have been a problem due to environmental hormone components that can cause diseases of the endocrine system. But the company says that beneficial ingredients extracted from beans, such as tocopherol and isoflavone, resolve the problem.

Meanwhile, Semyung University's Jecheon Herb RIS (Regional Innovation System) Business Corps has established Jayeonin Inc. and debuted oriental medicinal aromatics with a diet function for vehicles. This product features original aromatics that are 100% preserved 100% and by breathing alone in the product, users can expect body fat decomposition and anorexic effects. Sold under the brand name 'Gambisoo,' the company is directly undertaking distribution and even selling the products through Internet shopping mall sites.

Another product is receiving explosive interest with its emergence on a TV program that introduces idea products. It is Hiencore's 'Pure Anion- Generating Air-Purification Electric Lamp.' When turned on, this product removes hazardous components and bacteria from the air and even has a deodorization effect. After development of this product called, 'Lotyon Lamp,' not only for homes but also for vehicles, the company is planning for export it along with domestic sales.

Architectural Construction - Rain Water-Permeating Pavement Block, Plant-Growing Concrete

A product suitable in preparing for the rainy season and localized torrential downpours is also attracting interest. It is 'Rain Water-Permeating Pavement Block (brand name: Gravel Paver)' of Ino Block, a manufacturer specialized in pavement blocks. Sidewalks that use this product stay dry on rainy days since rain water is absorbed into the block as soon as it touches onto its surface.

The average water permeability coefficient of widely known water-permeating concretes is about 0.1mm/sec level. But Gravel Paver's capacity is six times higher at 0.6mm/sec, capable of absorbing more than 360mm/hr. As the company is using recycled aggregate in producing Gravel Paver, it acquired 'Environmental Label Certification' from Korea Environmental Industry & Technology Institute (KEITI) in 2007.

Eco-friendly 'Porous Concrete Cobble' developed by Samoh PRS after seven years of research also is a topic. This cobble drew keen attention with its adoption for replacement of the blocks at the Cheonggyecheon and Yangjaecheon restoration projects in Seoul.

Energy-Saving Fuel Cell Warm Air Heater, BIPV Window & Door

A heating machinery device that connects hydrogen energy, brown gas (mixture of oxygen and hydrogen gas obtained from electrolysis of water), to existing warm air heater equipment is drawing attention.

Cosmo Energy developed the so-called 'Energy-Saving Warm Air Heater' with an all-out commitment over seven years. This product boasts greater economic efficiency because its energy source is 50% cheaper than even tax-free diesel oil prices. In the high oil price era, in particular, this device is good news for farm villages engaged in vinyl greenhouse farming.

Furthermore, energy-saving windows and doors for zero-energy housing are also attracting interest. After selection of solar energy business as a future growth engine and establishment of a BIPV business dept. last year, Eagon Window & Door Systems is accelerating the business with the launch of 'Eagon Solar-Win.'

'Eagon Solar-Win' is a BIPV solution based on a curtain wall system. Among the items in the Solar-Win line, Eagon Solar-Win Facade is a curtain wall-type product that provides multiple functions, including structure, insulation and sound-proofing. It produces an excellent insulation effect and offers photovoltaic electricity generation as well.

With solar cells installed on the roof or ceiling, Eagon Solar-Win Roof simultaneously provides high photovoltaic power generation efficiency and natural lighting depending on the location and inclination angle. Eagon Solar-Win Sunshade, which is used as a canopy over a terrace, also offers high photovoltaic electricity generation efficiency through effective rear ventilation with solar cells installed at an optimum 30~40-degree angle.

Small-size Interior Products - Compression-type Wastebasket, Paper Humidifier, Automatic Seasonings Mixer

The eco-friendly 'Promade Compression-type Wastebasket' of Jungkwang P.S.I. is gaining popularity at various shopping malls through word-of-mouth viral effect. The attractive feature of this wastebasket is that it eases inconvenience associated with the use of volume-rate garbage bags and catches two birds with one stone - cleanliness and efficiency.

Unlike existing wastebaskets that use 10-liter and 20-liter volume-rate garbage bags, if these same garbage bags are inserted into the Promade Wastebasket and covered with its lid, the product can be used even in bedrooms and living rooms. By compressing waste in the garbage bag with the upper lid, this wastebasket can accommodate 30~40% more garbage, while preventing bad odors as well.

In 2007, Junkwang established 'Promade Living Science Research Institute' to pursue creative development. With investment of more than 10% of annual sales in R&D, the company also plans to debut other idea products, including a food waste treatment box.

A paper humidifier that does not require any electricity at all is also a hot product. "Eco-Fresh' of JnK Science plays a humidifier role utilizing only a water spray as its paper filter absorbs and increases indoor humidity through a natural evaporation phenomenon. The company says that this product has a strong humidification effect with ten times the natural evaporation volume.

Meanwhile, the popularity of safe and simple products is also on the rise. An 'Automatic Seasonings Mixer' that can process seasoning for 300 kinds of cuisine at the push of a button has received an extensive publicity. Developer Cross D&C explains that this mixer is a prerequisite idea product for the catering business community and also for home cooking. The company is proud that its mixer has successfully completed verifications in terms of efficiency as well as in the aspect of waste of food materials.



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