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Exhibitors' Directory
  Korea SME Pavilion at 13th CCISF
  Categonization by Sector
- Korea Federation of Handcraft Cooperatives - Korea Beauty Industry Society - Korea Textile Trade Association
- Machinery - Korea Eletronics Association - Korea Industrial Complex Corp.
 The 13th China Chongqing International Investment and Global Sourcing Fair
No. of Company Business Scope Item on Exhibit Remarks
Alive Co., Ltd. Crafts Art Craft Dolls  
Doore Art Crafts Mother of Pearl Lacquerware  
Dowzon Pharm Co., Ltd. Crafts P.G.R MOMEZON SOLLOS  
HDR Crafts Key Holder, Necklace  
Heawon., Ltd. Crafts Sea Cucumber Healthfood  
I-masti Crafts Pillows, Insoles  
Irea Chemical Enterprise Crafts Natural Breathing Pillows  
Jese Corporation Crafts Four Clover Accessories  
Kundo Hitech Co., Ltd. Crafts Skin Five, Tera Hertz Watches, Necklaces  
Living Free Crafts Stn Pot Frypan, WOK  
LK Design Corporation Crafts Jewelry(Rings, Necklaces)  
MB Jewelry Co., Ltd. Crafts Natural Nephrite Jade, Green Quartz, Onyx  
Nanocarbona Co., Ltd. Crafts Charcoal(Carbon) Cookware  
Naschem Co., Ltd. Crafts Sports Towels, Hiking Sticks  
Onejung Can Manufacturing Co., Ltd. Crafts Butane Gas Cartridges, Aerosol Products  
SYP Co., Ltd. Crafts Accessories, Gifts, Living Products  
Takos Co., Ltd. Crafts Finger Naps, Shampoo Caps, Teething Feeders  
World Toy Co., Ltd. Crafts Stuffed Toys, Sewing Toys for Baby, Educational Toys, Sports Toys  
Beautopia Co., Ltd. Beauty Scalp Clinic Machines & Products  
Beauty Club Red Beauty Nail Color  
Beauty Lesha Inc. / MBC Academy Beauty School Beauty    
David Cosmetic Beauty B.B Cream, Oriental Medicine Cosmetics, Baby Skincare, Functional Skincare  
Green Zone Co., Ltd. Beauty Natural Cosmetics Products  
Hahaway Co., Ltd. Beauty Color Nail, Magic Foot, Double Logo Oil Paper, Hand & Foot Mask, Separable Hair Band  
Hankukbowonbio Co., Ltd.  Beauty High-functional Toothpaste, Whitening Gel  
International Eyelash Designers Association  Beauty International Eyelash Designer's Association  
Jusibel Cosmetics (AR&G Co., Ltd.) Beauty Cosmetics  
KJS  Beauty Fashion Jewellery  
Korea Pro Makeup Job Interchange Association  Beauty Art Works  
Maxsun Co., Ltd.  Beauty Outdoor Products  
Pira Cosmetics Co., Ltd.  Beauty Pounee,Mr. Art  
Psycheros Beauty  Beauty    
Rainbow Cosmetic (Eyelash Extension) Beauty Eyelash Extentions  
Sanjang Organic  Beauty Collagen Green Tea & 17 Herb Soaps  
Solnara Beauty Toilet Soaps  
Yeosin Co.  Beauty A & Cosmetics  
Yodel Beauty Uniforms  
AB Industries Textile 100% Poly, Nylon, N/P, Shape Memory for Outdoors  
Aichaka Textile Jean  
Benetex Valley Co., Ltd.  Textile Micro Fake Fur/Boa Fabrics with Short and Long Piles  
Duckwoo Corporation Textile    
Five Textile  Textile Cotton Mix  
Global AMS Inc. / Shaoxing Kumsang Textile and Foil Co., Ltd. Textile Polyester Woven Fabrics with Special Finish  
Hutex  Textile Two Way Spandex Active Wear, Span Velvet Dress Wear, Mesh Inner Wear, Circular Knit Sport Wear  
Iljoong Intertex Inc.  Textile Y/D Memory Fabric Pattern, Jacqaurd , Filament Stretch N/C, R/C, P/C  
Monotex-Shin Heung  Textile Shape Memory Poly, Cotton Mixed P/C, Micro Powder Nylon/Poly  
Pucheon Corporation  Textile Two Way Spandex Active Wear, Span Velvet Dress Wear, Mesh Inner Wear, Circular Knit Sport Wear  
Saechang Commercial Co., Ltd.  Textile SPAN VELVET Tricot Span Velvet, Suede Tricot Suede, Fleece Micro Velboa, Two-Way Sports Cloth, Automobile Fabrics  
Shin-Hwa Plus Global Textile Textile Knitted Print and and P/D, Raschell Lace P/D + Print, Fake Fur, New-Brfand Woven Items  
Sung UK International  Textile Polyester, Acetate  
SYJ International Co., Ltd.  Textile Woman Wear  
Unique Design Corp. Textile Silk, Silk Woven Fabric, Polyester, Polyester Colored Yarn Woven Jacquard Fabric, Silk Blended  
Ideal System Co., Ltd.  Machinery Metal Detector, Check Weigher  
JE Flex  Machinery Ventilator, Air Diffuser, Impeller  
Newpack Korea   Machinery Diagonal Zipper Pack Machine,Diagonal Zipper Pack  
Now Systems   Machinery Polyester Woven Fabrics with Special Finish  
Rifa Co., Ltd.  Machinery Dyestuff  
Shanghai Ventland  Machinery Gundrill & BTA-drill  
Woojin Selex (Ningbo) Co., Ltd.  Machinery Dyes  
XAVIS  Machinery PVC Hoses  
Yong Mun Precision Co. Machinery Plastic Injection Molding Machine  
CARIMA Electric & Electronics Rapid Prototyping System (Master-2015)  
CITUS Co., Ltd.  Electric & Electronics ROUSEN 9 Citus Co., Ltd.  
EyeSpi  Electric & Electronics Inspection Machine  
Future Light Technology Co., Ltd.  Electric & Electronics LED Lighting  
IK Semicon Co., Ltd. Electric & Electronics Semiconductor IC  
Kyungmin Mechatronics Electric & Electronics Mami Robot Voice  
LOGICCAMP  Electric & Electronics Electronic Boards and Kits  
MP Media Solutions Inc.  Electric & Electronics Digital Photo Kiosk  
Nano Chemical Inc.  Electric & Electronics Catalyst Ceramic Filter  
NEOTICS Co., Ltd.  Electric & Electronics    
Neowine Co., Ltd. Electric & Electronics Copy Protection IC  
PARA-ENT  Electric & Electronics EEFL Lighting Panel  
SNSREVOLUTION Co., Ltd.  Electric & Electronics Sensors  
SQISoft Inc.  Electric & Electronics Digital Signage Software  
TAP Electronics Ind. Co., Ltd.  Electric & Electronics Pipe Inspection CCTV Camera System, Life Saving CCTV Camera System  
TriGem Computer, Inc.  Electric & Electronics Digital Podium & Interactive Whiteboard  
TTC Co., Ltd.  Electric & Electronics Urethane Cushion Buffer, Power Cushion Buffer(Autoparts & Auto accessaries)  
Uniplatek Co., Ltd. Electric & Electronics Heating Film  
ChipWork Mobile & Electronic RC MDF  
Inhyun ITS  Mobile & Electronic Barcodes  
JIO Tech  Mobile & Electronic Mobile Cases  
Emvitec Co., Ltd. Mobile & Electronic Electronic Parts  
JLC  Mobile & Electronic Mobile Parts  
Seyoung Communications Co., Ltd. Mobile & Electronic Electronic Parts  
SM Metal  Mobile & Electronic Mobile Cases  
Sunghyun C&T  Mobile & Electronic Digital Door Locks  
Sungsan Eng Co., Ltd.  Mobile & Electronic Material Automation Systems  
Wide Zone Information System  Mobile & Electronic Security Cameras  
WILL*B Technologies  Mobile & Electronic Tiny DVRs  
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