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The 2010 Korean Products Fair, Los Angeles, will run from April 21-24 at Shrine Expo Hall, Los Angeles, showcasing a dynamic and colorful mix of unique Korean-made consumer products ranging from gifts, souvenir crafts and household items to hightech electrical & electronic goods. The benefits of high quality and low price, the energy that carried Korea to the world’s ninth largest exporter in 2009, now provide momentum for mutual win-win business opportunities in the LA and greater U.S. markets. The LA fair also has the advantage of the significant sales potential of the Los Angeles Korean...
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No. of Company Business Scope Item on Exhibit Remarks
Choryo Art Shop Crafts/Decoration Products Bean Craft, White Duck Mobile .
Eve Art Jewelry Co. Crafts/Decoration Products Silver Crafts and Accessories .
Hansae Co.,Ltd. Crafts/Decoration Products Embo Deco Sticker .
Happy Crafts/Decoration Products Key Holder, Necklace .
Heu HeuU (Jihyang) Crafts/Decoration Products Tiger Doll .
J. ESTINA Crafts/Decoration Products . .
Lee-Shine Co., Ltd. Crafts/Decoration Products Body Piercing Jewelry .
Mi-dang Crafts/Decoration Products . .
Momkid Craft Crafts/Decoration Products Korean Genre Painting Coffee Set etc .
Myungin Wooden Pillow Co. Crafts/Decoration Products Master Woodenpillow .
Senol Crafts/Decoration Products Traditional Quilted Bag Senol .
Shine Trading Crafts/Decoration Products NecklacE, Bracelet, Earring .
Somsee Industrial Art Crafts/Decoration Products Frame, Cloth Wrapper, Bag .
Sungshin Metal Corporation Crafts/Decoration Products COMengraver, Hip-hop Pendant, Pharaoh Chain, Grillz .
Yebang Galmuri Crafts/Decoration Products Finger Pressure .
Yega (Yewoo Craft Co. Ltd.) Crafts/Decoration Products Pouch, Handmirror, Jewelrybox, Trinket, Book Mark, Frame .
Yesodam Crafts/Decoration Products Mood Lamp, Jewelly, Natural Dye Yesodam, Products .
Woorimi Crafts/Decoration Products . .
Doore Art Co. Gift & Sales Promotion Products Mother of Pearl Lacquer Ware .
GoodwillSolutions Co., Ltd. Gift & Sales Promotion Products . .
Gumha Chilbo Co., Ltd. Gift & Sales Promotion Products Butterfly Candlestand .
Joong Ang Craft Corporation Gift & Sales Promotion Products Premium Gift Item .
Kkamajong Gift & Sales Promotion Products . .
Samwon Korea Gift & Sales Promotion Products Flower & Gift Packaging Products .
Sesoon Communications Gift & Sales Promotion Products Haruhana, Art Memo .
Woojoo Industry Gift & Sales Promotion Products Coins .
Youme Chain Co., Ltd. Gift & Sales Promotion Products Brass, Steel, Stainless Steel, Machine Made Chains, Handmade, Chains for Costume Jewelry .
Youngmodeler Gift & Sales Promotion Products Liquid Moisture Mist .
Daegu Gyeongbuk Handicrafts Coopertive Tourist Souvenirs & Regional Specialty Crafts Lacquered Paulownia Rice Jar .
Jeju Famous Product Galot Co., Ltd. Tourist Souvenirs & Regional Specialty Crafts Jeju Galot (Cap, Hat, Pillow) .
Jeju Magma Bio Energy Co., Ltd. Tourist Souvenirs & Regional Specialty Crafts Healthful Magma Jewelry .
Jeju-Nang Tourist Souvenirs & Regional Tourist Souvenirs & Regional Specialty CraftsSpecialty Crafts Accessory, Ornament .
Jeonnam Handicrafts Cooperatives Tourist Souvenirs & Regional Specialty Crafts Whistle in the Shape of Fish, A Basin in the Shape of A Lotus Pond, Some Kinds of Bowls and Cups in Order to Share Tea With Other People .
Kalavinka Tourist Souvenirs & Regional Specialty Crafts . .
Chunji Farmers Association Foodstuff Chunji Woild Ginseng Drink Taetaesam Ungunet .
DOUL. A. F. Corp Foodstuff . .
Ganghwa Red Ginseng Association Foodstuff Liquid Moisture Mist .
Gang San Nong Won Foodstuff Wild Grass tea, Red Plum Pine Pollen, Opuntia Extract. Broad Bellflower & Bonnet Bellflower Extract, Persimmon Vinegar .
Hankooktea Cc. Foodstuff Greentee .
Hosan Co., Ltd. Foodstuff Aloe Vera Drink and Other .
Kwang Chun Solmoi Food Co., Ltd. Foodstuff Roasted Seaweed(Laver) for Kimbab & Sushi, Seasoned Seaweed(Laver), Salted-Fermented Seafoods, Instant Rice Noodle, Instant Roasted Cooking Rice, Natural Seasoning .
NH Hansamin Co., Ltd. Foodstuff Korean Red Ginseng Extract Gold .
OKF international Foodstuff Beverages(Aloe Vera Drink, Coconut Drink, Alcohol Doctor, Wake up, Tea Series .
Onggolchan Foodstuff Seasoned Pollack Roe, Seasoned Pollack Guts, Seasoned Cuttle Fish, Seasoned Crab, Seasoned Perilla Leave .
PURUNSOL.Co.,Ltd Foodstuff Liquid Moisture Mis .
BBS Care Co., Ltd. Cosmetics Skin Ion Massager GENIE, Ultrasonic & Ion Skin Massager for Face only BBS2, Total Skin Manager for home use LUXURY .
C APharm Co., Ltd. Cosmetics Cosmetics .
Dong Sung Pharm. Co., Ltd. Cosmetics Re20, Omar Sharif 60 Color Cream .
FineM. Co., Ltd. Cosmetics Woman's Aroma, Inner Free Cleanser(Woman’s cleanser), Mipurm(A Sitz Bath) .
Hwajin Cosmetic Cosmetics Skin, Lotion, Massage Cream .
Ones Co., Ltd. / Spheretech Co., Ltd. Cosmetics Huroo Huroo, V45, Self Surgical Cosmeceutical .
Woosin Cosmestics Co., Ltd. Cosmetics Hemirus Mask Pack -12kind(Greentea, collagen, Q10, Pomegranate, Potato, Whitening, Pearl, Milk, Lemon,Cucumber, Wine, Aloe), Hemirus Black Secret Hair Color Cream, Hemirus Black Secret Hair Color Cream .
Tony Collection Cosmetics Cosmetic Case & Hair Iron .
Flip Co., Ltd. Textiles Uniform .
HempLee Korea Co., Ltd. Textiles . .
Airbox Co., Ltd. Consumer Goods Airtent, Airmattress, Airwindsurfing .
Biocera Co., Ltd. Consumer Goods Biocera Green Ball .
Daido Corporation Consumer Goods Warm-Water Mat .
Doohyun Consumer Goods Awning .
I.B.P. Korea, Inc. Consumer Goods Beauty Products, Kitchen Implements, Home Decorations, Gardening Products .
Dae Lim Enterprise Stationery Liquid Moisture Mist .
GoodFeelKorea Co., Ltd. Stationery Eco-Friendly Colored Paper Pencil .
Insung Tech Co., Ltd. Stationery Correction Tape Mctape Single Type, Correction Tape Mctape Dual Type, Correction Tape Transtap .
Ji Ni Land Stationery Stationery .
Korea White Ind. Co., Ltd. Stationery Liquid Moisture Mist .
Soneuro Album Industrial Co. Stationery Custom OEM Album, Press Album, Insert Type Album , Book Bound Album, Mini Album .
Taekwang Cards Co., Ltd. Stationery Cards, Calenda .
G-1 Contents Co., Ltd. Characters Character Content .
Miottica Korea Co.,Ltd. Characters Animal Shape Contact Lens Cas .
Romanson Co., Ltd. Watch Analog Wrist Watch .
Orient Co., Ltd. Watch Wrist watches .
Haengnam Corp. Ceramics Liquid Moisture Mist .
Cheil Grinding Wheel USA. Ind Tool Cut-off & Grinding Wheel, CBN/DIA Wheel, Vitrified Grinding Wheel .
Shingo Grinding Wheel Tool Diamond Grinding Wheel .
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